From 6th January 2023, restaurant open Fridays and Saturdays only

  Restaurant Menu  
  Please note, we may not be able to offer all items on our menu due to unavailability and/or delivery delays!  
  Calamari Rings   I   9.00   Southern Fried Chicken Goujons  I  7.00  
  Greek style, freshly fried, served with homemamde tartar sauce& a touch more Greek in the salad.   Freshly coated chicken breast cooked to order, served with a smokey B.B.Q. sauce.  
  Whitebait   I   8.00   Deep Fried Halloumi  I  7.00  
  Lightly floured and lots of it, served with homemade tartar sauce.   Battered really softens the cheese, served with a sweet chilli sauce, what a twist! If you prefer it grilled, just ask.  
  Breaded King Prawns  I  8.45   Trio of Dips  I  9.00  
  Japanese style king prawns in breadcrumbs
served with a sweet chilli dip.
  Taramasalata, hoummous, tzatziki & pita bread. Great for sharing! But don't worry, if you only want one, they're £3 each.  
  Cod, Rock, Haddock or Plaice  I  15.95   The Fish Dish  I  19.95  
  Fried, Egg & Matzo or Gluten Free   Sea Bass, Prawns & Calamari  
  Grilled fish or fish fried in egg & matzo meal, 70p supplement  
  Greek Style Calamari  I  14.95   Grilled Sea Bass Fillet  I  16.45  
  Grilled Salmon Fillet  I  16.45   Breaded Whole Tail Scampi  I  14.95  
  Fish Cakes (2)  I  9.95   Cod Roe (2)  I  9.95  
  Each main is served with your choice of Chips or Greek salad or go 50/50  
  Quarter Breast of Chicken  I  8.95   Quarter Leg of Chicken  I  8.75  
  Whole Rack of Spare Ribs  I  15.95      
  Each main is served with your choice of Chips or Greek salad or go 50/50  
  6oz Beef Burger  I  9.95   ¼ lb Vegetarian Burger  I  9.35  
  Southern Fried Chicken Burger  I  9.95      
  Add cheese to any of the burgers for 20p more
Each main is served with your choice of Chips or Greek salad or go 50/50
  Southern Fried Chicken Salad  I  9.45   Double Greek Salad  I  10.45  
  Fresh 100% Chicken Breast Fillet      
  Greek Salad  I  5.25      
  Battered or Plain Sausage or Saveloy  I  6.95   Fish Cake or Chicken Nuggets  I  6.90  
  Kid's Mini Cod  I  8.95      
  Includes Chips, Mushy Peas or Baked Beans and choice of a small drink  
    SIDE MENU    
  Mushy Peas  I  2.50   Garlic Mushrooms  I  4.50  
  Baked Beans  I  2.50   Onion Rings  I  4.00  
  Curry Sauce  I  2.50   Bread & Butter  I 0.90  
  Double Greek Salad  I  10.45   Pickled Gherkin  I  1.00  
  Greek Salad  I  5.25   Pickled Onions (2)  I  1.00  
  Chips  I  3.50   Pickled Egg  I  1.00  
  Ice Cream (per scoop)  I  1.60   Pineapple Fritters  I  4.50  
  Affogato  I  6.00      
  vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso coffee      
  Selection of teas and coffees available - please ask your server  

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